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A light brown to brownish orange.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman taune, variant of Old French tane, from past participle of taner, to tan; see tan1.]

taw′ni·ness n.
taw′ny adj.
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Noun1.tawniness - the quality or state of being the color of tanned leather; "the tawniness of his complexion"
complexion, skin color, skin colour - the coloring of a person's face
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But hills and mountains on that side showed bare and heated, though beautiful with the sunburnt tawniness of California.
Celia huffs, "No Christian that is bom a hind could love her; / She's the sun's masterpiece for tawniness" (5.2.10-11).
(1.1.1-6) (3) In Shakespeare's play, Cleopatra's tawniness becomes synomous with her desirability as well as her potential danger to distract.