tawny eagle

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Noun1.tawny eagle - brownish eagle of Africa and parts of Asiatawny eagle - brownish eagle of Africa and parts of Asia
bird of Jove, eagle - any of various large keen-sighted diurnal birds of prey noted for their broad wings and strong soaring flight
genus Aquila, Aquila - a genus of Accipitridae
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Bruno, a Steppe eagle, and Alexia, a Tawny eagle, were found dead in their aviary when volunteers arrived for work.
Abstract: A 23-year-old male tawny eagle (Aquila rapax) was examined because of sudden onset of lethargy, regurgitation, and hematochezia.
Our boat, the Tawny Eagle, is an Alvechurch Eagle class that sleeps up to seven people in a number of bed layout arrangements.
During the winter season the place presents a beautiful spectacle with birds like Tawny Eagle, Long-tailed Shrike and Lesser Spotted eagle.
This book invites readers to look through the eyes of a tawny eagle soaring in the Tanzanian sky at sunset, searching for food for its young.