tax advantage

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: advantage - an advantage bestowed by legislation that reduces a tax on some preferred activity
advantage, vantage - the quality of having a superior or more favorable position; "the experience gave him the advantage over me"
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The levy of sales tax at a reduced rate of 5pc on taxi services based on online market platform still provides a tax advantage to the service providers, the board claimed.
Consulting firm Tax Advantage Group assisted in the closing of the financing.
He said there was "no tax advantage" in the set-up, also used by others at HSBC.
Not too long ago, authored a members-only white paper called "Slaying the Myth of the 401k Tax Advantage Myth." At first, you might think the double use of the word "myth" to be a typo, but it's not.
By refusing to take into account the income of a branch based in another state when calculating a tax advantage granted to a taxable company, Belgium is infringing EU law.
24 -- Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund's consistent performance has been recognized by three independent mutual fund ranking and rating agencies.
There is still time to tax advantage of tax deductions in 2008 and also benefit from the increased deductible limits next year.
I'm sorry but if I was an abused, battered woman then it would take more than a tax advantage to keep me with that man.
Note that tax-advantaged bond funds are not good investments for IRAs and 401(k)s because these are tax-deferred accounts, so the tax advantage is lost.
"Owning my own business has given me a very good tax advantage," Wiley says.
Hallmarks include the existence of confidentiality conditions, the sharing of a tax advantage between the parties involved and their tax advisers or payment of fees on a contingency basis.