tax lien

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: lien - lien of which a tax collector may avail himself in default of taxes (analogous to a judgment lien)
lien - the right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged
federal tax lien - lien of the United States on all property of a taxpayer who fails to pay the federal government the taxes for which he or she is liable
state tax lien - a lien on the property of a taxpayer that the tax collector can use upon default of payment of taxes
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There are deeds of trust, mortgages, certificates of release, transfers, judgments, foreclosures, writs of attachment, orders of sale, tax liens, petitions for letters of administration, and decrees of distribution.
Seller, Gallatin County Treasurer; buyers, Melissa Charleton, James Charleton; Mobile Home Tax Lien.
This training is part of Tax Lien Lady's Wealth Building Webinar Series.
When the tax lien is paid and released, papers are filed with the courts as well, affirming the discharge.
Petitioner's motion to lift notices of tax lien annotated on properties registered in the name of petitioners is held in abeyance until the termination of the preliminary hearing,' the tax court said.
This purchase is hereinafter referred to as Tax Lien Assignment.
We told you about a $1 million tax lien the IRS slapped against Anderson Engineering Consultants Inc.
Tax lien expert Don Sausa presents The Complete Guide to Real Estate Tax Liens and Foreclosure Deeds, a guide for lay readers of modest means and up to investing in a secure market favored by the rich--government tax auctions, in which tax lien certificates and tax deeds are sold for pennies on the market value dollar.
Federal tax lien payoffs and real estate tax liens, however, should be worked on in conjunction with the title agent.
The IRS had mixed success in advancing the position that its secured claim includes the value of a debtor's interest in a pension plan subject to a Federal tax lien (compare In re McIver, 255 BP.
When the Rinnerts applied for a credit card, they were surprised to discover a property tax lien.
It includes information on the major aspects of the tax lien, filing, relief and how it can be mitigated.