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1. A contribution for the support of a government required of persons, groups, or businesses within the domain of that government.
2. A fee or dues levied on the members of an organization to meet its expenses.
3. A burdensome or excessive demand; a strain.
tr.v. taxed, tax·ing, tax·es
1. To place a tax on (income, property, or goods).
2. To exact a tax from: taxed the people.
3. Law To assess (court costs, for example).
4. To make difficult or excessive demands upon: a boss who taxed everyone's patience.
a. To accuse; confront: taxed him with ingratitude.
b. To hold accountable: The contractor was taxed with the mistake of the subcontractor.

[Middle English, from taxen, to tax, from Old French taxer, from Medieval Latin taxāre, from Latin, to touch, reproach, reckon, frequentative of tangere, to touch; see tag- in Indo-European roots.]

tax′a·ble (tăk′sə-bəl) adj.
tax′a·bly adv.
tax′er n.
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Noun1.taxer - a bureaucrat who levies taxes
administrative official, bureaucrat - an official of a bureaucracy
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Elle serait une mesure temporaire qui ne serait appliquee qu'en l'absence d'une solution plus globale au probleme de la fiscalite des activites numeriques, afin de taxer ces dernieres la oo elles sont realisees et non la oo se trouve leur siege, precise la Commission.
Fakir explique que [beaucoup moins que]le probleme ne se pose pas quand il s'agit de taxer des entreprises qui ont une presence physique dans un pays.
Teachers experience a wide range of positive and negative emotions on a daily basis in the classroom (Hargreaves, 1998; Sutton, 2004; Taxer & Frenzel, 2015), for which their appraisals are the most likely antecedents (Becker, Keller, Goetz, Frenzel & Taxer, 2015).
Les moudjahidate que des voix haineuses avaient ose taxer de terroristes.
As Polly Toynbee, one of the left's most influential columnists, observed in July 2014, "Labour is still blamed for the crash, still labelled as a reckless spender and high taxer, so even a hint of spending still saps at its credibility.
Les depots inferieurs a cette somme ont ete sanctuarises depuis le traumatisme du premier plan de sauvetage de Chypre, qui prevoyait de taxer tous les depots.
Sous le titre "Guerre commerciale : Pekin seme la zizanie entre Paris et Berlin", le journal ecrit qu'apres les sanctions de Bruxelles sur le solaire, "Pekin menace de taxer les vins francais.
Which makes the extremely odious sight of the Conservative Party and their Liberal sidekicks applauding Grasping George The Granny Taxer as he announced his plans to bleed pensioners in order to make the rich even richer the most damning indictment yet of this government.
En effet, notre role de depute est simple : avant que la Couronne puisse taxer les Canadiens et depenser leur argent, elle doit les ecouter et tenir compte de leurs preoccupations de facon satisfaisante.
S'il y a eu resistance de la part des contribuables a l'implantation des municipalites comme machines a taxer, il y a eu aussi resistance de la part des maires et des municipalites au developpement des municipalites comme 'machines democratiques de gouvernernent'.