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Noun1.taxidriver - someone who drives a taxi for a livingtaxidriver - someone who drives a taxi for a living
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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Three online taxi bookingand dispatching mobile appswere launched since 2017with the attendant hypeand marketing slogans - allpromising to make taxi ridesmuch simpler, easier andeven cheaper.A year or two down theroad, these mobile appshave failed to live up to theinitial hype, underused both by cabbies and commutersalike.MyDruk Ride has over400 plus registered taxi drivers and Oie taxi has over 700 registered taxidriver.The Bhutan TaxiAssociation (BTA) has over1,500 registered taxi driversas of now with over 3,000registered customers.PassangTshering, a taxi driver, said that though several taxi apps have been launched and he is aregistered member himself,if a customer calls him longdistance, by the time hereaches the destination, thecustomer has already left in another cab.
Shortly after arriving in Syria Hussain, the son of a Birmingham taxidriver, married former punk rocker Sally Jones, who is still at large in the region with her young son.
The author, as mentioned earlier, was personally stuck with a large bill that no taxidriver was able or willing to break.
Nikolajsen says digital currencies reduce barriers to the global economy, "A taxidriver in Nairobi might be unable to accept credit cards because of high fees, but all he has to do is buy a five-dollar smartphone to accept Bitcoins."
A student has admitted attacking a taxidriver in Dubai but denies damaging the cabbie's vehicle during the row.
The taxidriver took him to his mother's house, he had a cup of tea, then got the driver to take him back to Coventry.
Meanwhile, Mubashir and Sharif assassinated a taxidriver after abducting him.
Emwazi, son of a taxidriver called Jasem, was born in Kuwait but moved to England aged six and lived in Little Venice, west London.