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An instrument installed in a taxicab to measure distance traveled and waiting time and to compute and indicate the fare.

[French taximètre, alteration of taxamètre, from German Taxameter : Medieval Latin taxa, tax (from taxāre, to tax; see tax) + -meter, meter (from Greek metron, measure; see -meter).]
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a meter fitted to a taxi to register the fare, based on the length of the journey
[C19: from French taximètre; see tax, -meter]
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(ˈtæk siˌmi tər)

a device fitted to a taxicab or other vehicle, for automatically computing and indicating the fare due.
[1890–95; < French taximètre=taxe tax + -i- -i- + -mètre -meter]
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Noun1.taximeter - a meter in a taxi that registers the fare (based on the length of the ride)
meter - any of various measuring instruments for measuring a quantity
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عَدّاد السَّيْر


[ˈtæksɪˌmiːtəʳ] Ntaxímetro m
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[ˈtæksɪˌmiːtəʳ] ntassametro
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(ˈtӕksi) plurals ˈtaxis ~ˈtaxies noun
(also ˈtaxi-cab. (American) cab) a car, usually fitted with a taximeter, that can be hired with its driver, especially for short journeys: I took a taxi from the hotel to the station.
verb3rd person singular present tense ˈtaxies, ~ˈtaxis: present participle ˈtaxiing, ~ˈtaxying: past tense, past participle ˈtaxied
(of an aeroplane) to move slowly along the ground before beginning to run forward for take-off. The plane taxied along the runway.
ˈtaximeter noun
(usually abbreviated to meter) an instrument usually fitted to taxis to show the fare owed for the distance travelled.
taxi rank
a place where taxis stand until hired. There is a taxi rank at the railway station.
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'Driving in a taximeter to the ferry this morning,' resumed Archibald,
The hotel clerk handed her into a taximeter cab, and gave the address to the driver.
The app acts like a real taximeter and allows parents to exchange lifts of chores,MirrorOnlinereports.
The company organizes safe, comfortable passenger transportation at standard taximeter prices from Heydar Aliyev International Airport to any point of Baku and the Absheron Peninsula.
They have to be additionally insured and own a taximeter at all times.
According to the new law, each taxi has to be equipped with a taximeter, a light on the roof and a chessboard pattern on the doors to qualify for a license.
Once they passed, Delgra said a Taximeter Calibration Certification sticker would be placed on the top right corner of windshield of the taxi.
In a quiet area in Garden City, the new art space and shop opened its doors for visitors of different ages, culture and artistic backgrounds who welcomed the reviving of their past and memories of icons and products in shapes of the Egyptian Baladi bread, the old taximeter, the famous Nabulsi soap, and the medicine we all know Rivo, alongside with artworks collectionr of some contemporary Egyptian artists in different fields; painting, photography, and illustrations.
The planned move from the council comes after a campaign by the ECHO which highlighted how a number of black cab drivers are continuing to demand large fares from customers ahead of journeys - rather than using the cab's Taximeter.
This is the likely the reason why drivers are charging their passengers more money on top of what is stated in the taximeter, officials said.
There is also room for legal controversy, as the current laws prohibit the charging of a fee besides the taximeter fare.