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A trademark for the drug paclitaxel.


a compound from the bark of the Pacific yew tree used in cancer chemotherapy


(ˈtæk sɔl, -soʊl)
Trademark. a chemical, C47H51NO14, derived from a yew tree of the Pacific Coast: used as a drug in the treatment of cancer.
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El taxol se encontro por primera vez en extractos de la corteza de arboles de Taxus brevifolia y actualmente se extrae de otras especies de Taxus spp, lo que ha llevado a que los arboles se encuentren al borde de la extincion (Baebler et al.
Originally isolated from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree, Taxol is a drug used to treat a variety of cancers, including lung and breast.
Taxol is a typical microtubule stabilizing drug of the first group.
The ongoing Phase III trial is comparing Paclical in combination with carboplatin to standard of care, which is Taxol in combination with carboplatin.
Washington, Jan 29 (ANI): Scientists have shown that cancer drug Taxol reduces regeneration obstacles after a spinal cord injury.
Wani -- a native of Nandurbar in Maharashtra -- co- discovered blockbuster anticancer drug Taxol, another Indian, Dr Parayil Kumaran Ajikumar, has discovered a new technique to make the same drug efficiently and cheaply.
The trial, which was comparing the drug with Taxol injection, showed Abraxane significantly improved overall response rate in first-line treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients.
In spite of the condition of Freeman's arm at the infusion site, Nurse Byrd continued to infuse Taxol through the same site.
Bristol-Myers Squibb had a license at that time to use the taxol process.
Also known as ground hemlock, the plant contains paclitaxel, a compound used to make Taxol (TM), the best selling chemotherapy drug in the world.
GPC Biotech AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: GPC; TecDAX 30) has announced the presentation of new in vitro data on the efficacy of satraplatin in tumor cells resistant to both TAXOTERE (docetaxel) and TAXOL (paclitaxel).
Other researchers are seeing similar benefits using stents coated with the anticancer drug taxol, which also blocks cell migration and growth.