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One that pays taxes or is subject to taxation.

tax′pay′ing adj.
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Adj.1.taxpaying - not exempt from paying taxes; "after training they became productive taxpaying citizens"
nonexempt - (of persons) not exempt from an obligation or liability
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Will the authorities concerned take note of this and ensure taxpaying public gets what it should get?
Islamabad -- Veteran leader of the business community Jahangir Akhtar has said that he will continue his struggle unless the government announces automatic membership of chambers of commerce for all the taxpaying businessmen.
Despite vicious flak from a section of the stakeholders opposed to CGT, the reintroduction of the regime was a laudable move towards bridging the gap between the taxpaying population and the actual population.
We are church going, family and friend loving, taxpaying citizens.
FBR could not have achieved this landmark without the cooperation of the taxpaying public, the statement said adding that together with the support of people, the dream of a vibrant Pakistan would become a reality.
The BIR said the RATE program was expected to 'generate maximum deterrent effect on the taxpaying public by impressing the fact that tax evasion is a crime and violators will be caught and punished.'
Snout of order BAILED-out RBS shelling out PS335million in bonuses is an insult to all of Britain's taxpaying hard grafters.
The list included large taxpaying companies and individual taxpayers.
Stevens told the congregation that taxpaying is a national obligation and urged members of the congregation to be fully compliant by paying their taxes.
QUETTA: Expressing his concerns over tax collection method of FBR, leader of JUI Maulana Wassey on Saturday has said that people of Balochistan are unfamiliar with the procedures of taxpaying to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).
He emphasized that if solid legislations were put in place and enforced, such approach would impact on the taxpaying culture of Nigerians and companies operating within its territory.