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 (tät′sə, -tsä)
A shallow ornamental vessel usually on a pedestal.

[Italian, cup, tazza, from Arabic ṭašt, basin; see demitasse.]


a wine cup with a shallow bowl and a circular foot
[C19: from Italian, probably from Arabic tassah bowl]


(ˈtɑt sə)

n., pl. -zas.
a shallow ornamental bowl or cup, usu. on a high base or pedestal.
[1835–45; < Italian < Arabic ṭassah basin < Persian tasht]
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More recently, and at a major art fair, he found a bronze tazza attributed to the Neapolitan sculptor Vincenzo Gemito--'an incredible artist'.
Mi davano il pane, una melagrana, una tazza di latte.
These conflicting results indicate the need for more longitudinal studies in individuals with CKD to see if markers, such as IL-6, TNF-alpha, and CRP, have a causative role in fatigue development (Bossola, Di Stasio, Giungi, Rosa, & Tazza, 2015; Jhamb et al.
Start with the signature Phylo Tazza -- even non- vegetarians swear by this cup of artichoke, mushroom and caramelised onion in phylo pastry.
He previously held top executive positions at SoBe, FUZE, Jones Soda, Talking Rain and Tazza Pronto.
Tazza, "Wishful thinking: the surprisingly sparse evidence for a relationship between oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease in hemodialysis patients," Seminars in Dialysis, vol.
I took some photos in the beautiful La Casa Del Caffe Tazza D'Oro (84, Via degli Orfani), by the Pantheon, and now have them alongside the address and directions in the app, all in one place.
Poco prima la hostess ci aveva servito una tazza di te.
Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire (1757-1806) used to collect Blue John, among other minerals, and in 1842, her husband, William, the 5th Duke and owner of Chatsworth, commissioned the Chatsworth Tazza, which is one of the largest objects ever made from Blue John.
There's so much that is just repetitive in the set today," says Bill Meissner, president and CEO of Tazza Pronto, a wholly owned subsidiary of Renton, Wash.
Suddenly the focus shifts to an individual one, as in this brief vignette in which an anonymous infantryman (representative of each individual in the whole group, or social class) meets two well intentioned ladies of the Red Cross, le quali, ogni volta che il fante accettava ringraziando la tazza di brodo o di caffe e la cartolina coi connotati del Re e di Cadorna, esclamavano, contente e commosse:--"Povero soldatino
KU's Multicultural Resource Center, La Prima Tazza, Lawrence Public Library, Lutheran Campus Ministry, Milton's Cafe, The Mirth Cafe, Natural Grocers, NetworQ, Pizza Shuttle, Queers & Allies office, The Raven Bookstore, Rudy's Pizzeria, South Wind Health Collective, The Vapor's Edge E-Cig Shop, Wheat State Pizza, Wheatfield's Bakery, Wilde's Chateau 24, Yello Sub, Z's Divine Espresso