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Trademark. Turner Broadcasting System (a cable TV channel).


or tbsp.,

1. tablespoon.
2. tablespoonful.


abbr of tablespoonful(s) ortablespoon(s) → Essl.
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Imaging software company Medimaps Group reported on Tuesday the launch of a novel method for improving osteoporotic fracture risk assessment, TBS iNsight, in the US.
TBS is the biggest provider of Enterprise Cloud Hosting for DeltekA and a major Enterprise Cloud Hosting provider for Intuit QuickBooks software, that serves state contractors and commercial establishments.
EBME chief executive John Sandham will sit on TBS GB's board of directors.
With those purchases, TBS has become king of the hill in the sitcom biz: The network already fills its schedule with the three most popular comedy reruns of the last dozen years "Everybody Loves Raymond," "Seinfeld" and "Friends"--supplemented by such steady repeat performers as "Family Guy" and "Sex and the City.
TBS, the longtime home of the Atlanta Braves, will be the exclusive network for all the MLB's Division Series games starting in 2007.
The fund, led by the one-time bureaucrat at the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry, began full-fledged purchases of TBS shares in July.
Rakuten, a leading online shopping mall operator, proposed in October integrating business with TBS under a holding company.
In their new positions, Berger and Downing will direct all aspects of business within their regions, including sales, service, administration, operations, marketing and distribution with full P/L responsibilities, the same as all other TBS subsidiary operations.
This season is TBS's third covering the MLB playoffs and TBS is still irritating fans with bizarre start times (as David Martin (http://www.
that it will stop buying more TBS shares if the broadcaster ceases its efforts to seek out more stable long-term shareholders, TBS officials said.
TBS bought 22 episodes of the series, an update of the program that ran on ABC 1982-1986, with an option to buy additional seasons.
An early stage biotechnology company, TBS is developing promising targeted nanotherapeutic products for the treatment of cancer.