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My question is: did any expert carry out research on tea plants in any part of Pakistan while we are paying a hefty amount on the imports of other commodities including tea?
Tea expert Pan Yung-feng said that during winter, tea plants begin to rest, so their roots stop absorbing nutrition, and the plants rely only on their leaves to absorb nutrition and water, thereby making the tea from this late period of winter taste better than regular winter tea.
Located in Ciwidey, 50km south of the city of Bandung, the volcanic lake of Kawah Putih is situated 2,340 meters above the sea and so close to the tea plants.
Talking to a group of journalists who visited the NTHRI, he said that as many as eight varieties of tea plants have been developed and demonstrated in different ecologies.
The first crop of 1500 tea plants, purchased with a Young Farmers' Startup Grant, goes in in September and next year the first samples will be brewing.
Scott's research continues to look at the defence mechanism that the tea plants produce when damaged by the tea green leafhopper.
Jon Cullen, director of development for Second Cup, said: "All of our product comes from individual tea plants from across the world.
Matcha tea plants are nutrition powerhouses because they are shade-grown, bursting with chlorophyll, amino acids, and antioxidants, and reduce the tannins that give other teas a bitter tang.
By 2026, hardened tea drinkers will have become 'domestic blenders', using smart tools and taking advantage of rising temperatures to grow tea plants at home then blend and brew the leaves themselves.
Indeed, the sole rationale seemed to have been clearing up as much land as possible around the tea plants growing wild in Assam.
He said Pakistan Agriculture Research Council has established a tea nursery at Swat to provide tea plants to the farmers.