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Noun1.Tea set - a set of china or silverware for serving teatea set - a set of china or silverware for serving tea
cream pitcher, creamer - a small pitcher for serving cream
sugar bowl - a dish in which sugar is served
tableware - articles for use at the table (dishes and silverware and glassware)
teapot - pot for brewing tea; usually has a spout and handle
tea tray - a tray that accommodates a tea service
References in classic literature ?
I haven't heard Frank laugh so much for ever so long," said Grace to Amy, as they sat discussing dolls and making tea sets out of the acorn cups.
A special discount for Wedgwood tea sets will be given guests.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Cup Saucers, Glasses, Tea Sets China Clay Consisting Of 04 Items.
Well, I don't suppose for one moment w that tea-drinking clergymen and women are affecting the recent dramatic rise in the auction prices we are achieving for C19th and early C20th china tea sets.
Unique & Unusual Gifts, Figurines, Painted horses, NAD, clocks, china tea sets, talking stuff animals, w/many vendors
A source said that the 'Just Dance' star has always been obsessed with taking tea and tea sets on tour to keep her happy, so her beau and pals are putting a smile on her face with this Alice In Wonderland-themed do.
The owner of the Bugatti, which was made with help from a German ceramics firm known for its classy tea sets, is from Saudi Arabia, is in his 30s.
The 250-piece collection, which includes intricate 1940s tiered cake stands and rare tea sets, has been built up since the 1980s by Ms Beacham, who hopes to capture the imagination of the region's event managers and organisers of special celebrations.
The ankle-length coats, which are richly woven with golden embroidery, colourful dresses, ceramic tea sets and cloth dolls are some of the displays which stand out in the five stalls dedicated to the art of Tajikistan.
She has now set up a company that rents out tea sets to people having weddings, birthdays and garden parties.
As I understand it, many of those in the queue were determined to be among the first few hundred customers or so who would be able to buy 17-piece tea sets for, you've guessed it, 99p.