tea shop

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tea′ shop`

a tearoom.
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B and S first brought Ten Ren Tea shops to Hong Kong in 2012, and as of January 2018 there were 32 shops around the country.
Most probably, you do not want to visit specialized tea shops because you do not want to spend a small fortune on a small bag of tea.
The administration also issued warnings to owners of different restaurants, tea shops, bakeries and poultry shops for doing business in unhygienic condition.
As for tea shops, I don't have to travel to Harrogate or York as they have nice ones in Heckmondwike (Cherry Tearooms) and Cleckheaton (Memorial Park) where you can have tea with a bun for PS1.
Two milk tea shops on Manila's University Belt was ordered shut on Tuesday for operating without business and sanitation permits, as local government inspectors made the rounds following the death of two people who ingested an allegedly contaminated beverage at a Sampaloc shop last week.
Following the milk tea scare that downed two people last week, two milk tea shops along the University of Santo Tomas area in Sampaloc were temporarily closed.
Market Analysis:Frying oil tea shops town total farm covers an area of 1108 mu, farm land in 1973 began to huabei petroleum construction use for a long time, back in 2007, is now mainly by Fried tea shops town east second street and the east street management.
This explains one reason why crowds gather at these tea shops during the current spring break.
Small tea shops outside the airport were on fire and the flesh of a corpse could be seen on the ground near the burning car, a Reuters photographer on the scene said.
According to the NGO, shady tea shops and video parlours running in the Capital's underbelly are serving porn and drugs to slum kids who are deprived of education and healthy means of recreation.
The award-winning tea shops in Spital and Bebington began in 2007, when Ceri opened up shop with the support - and hard physical labour - of husband Andrew.
The beverage originates from Southeast Asia and has rocketed in popularity within America since the 90s and now the Middle East, with a number of bubble tea shops in Bahrain, Lebanon and Dubai.