tea table

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tea′ ta`ble

a small table for holding a tea service.
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Noun1.tea table - a small table for serving afternoon teatea table - a small table for serving afternoon tea
table - a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
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The little princess had also left the tea table and followed Helene.
This being a season favourable to conversation, and the room being a cool, shady, lazy kind of place, with some plants at the open window shutting out the dust, and interposing pleasantly enough between the tea table within and the old Tower without, it is no wonder that the ladies felt an inclination to talk and linger, especially when there are taken into account the additional inducements of fresh butter, new bread, shrimps, and watercresses.
Tenders are invited for 2013 sajsajja ke antergat 3a kd marg isthal per sofa set, center table, vag table, deewan, hardbed, steel folding bed, ingi chair, tea table, steel almirah / wardrobe, dreasing table, dresing stool, side rack, cracri almirah, shoe rack, pvc chair work
The retailer takes ancient rituals and brings them to a modern tea table.
Nosegays of pink roses and white hydrangeas in hand painted tea set pieces (wedding gifts to Ellen and Andy) lined the tea table.
Later on at tea table the DIG and DPO responded queries of media persons and confirmed merit was strictly followed in recruitment, posting, transfers and courses as well.
The schoolgirl, who was sitting at the tea table, was bitten repeatedly on the hand as she waved her arms to keep the animal away.
Antique furniture to marvel at includes a George III mahogany card and tea table, a pair of early 19th century regency winter bedroom chairs, a William and Mary side table and drawers, and a 1780 Dutch county armchair.
So, with a big family birthday on the horizon and the talk around the tea table falling to where we might stay if we went out to celebrate in Liverpool city centre, I couldn't wait to do a bit of online research.
It would have made an impressive talking point at the tea table.
We were in our local saleroom a short time ago and spotted a pretty little Georgian mahogany fold-over tea table with central drawer.