teacher-student relation

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Noun1.teacher-student relation - the academic relation between teachers and their students
educatee, pupil, student - a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
academic relation - a professional relation between instructors and those they instruct
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Though attitudes are described as enduring, addressing their cognitive component would help in achieving better strategies of coping and a more appropriate and optimal teacher-student relation.
The work of philosopher Emmanuel Levinas provides a revolutionary way in which to view the teacher-student relation specifically, and learning in general.
Emphasizing on the teacher-student relations, Abdul Hamid called upon the VCs to reduce the gap between the teachers and students and maintain the spirit of morality at all aspects.
Moreover, the teacher-student relations affect those relations of reciprocity among students (Hughes et al.
The book beautifully presents a portrait on the art of teaching, a perception of teacher-student relations, and most importantly, gives inspiration and practical guidance to educators.
students of color, immigrants and refugees, because it is argued that strong teacher-student relations, and "knowing" students, increases their sense of belonging in school and is likely to contribute to academic achievement (Davis, 2003; Roorda, Koomen, Spilt, & Oort, 2011; Shaunessy & McHatton, 2009; Valenzuela, 1999).
I was particularly encouraged to see the sentence which says Welsh schools are also positive learning environments with good teacher-student relations and classrooms conducive to learning.
Sociologists Richard Dukes and Heather Albanesi from the University of Colorado told the Journal of Social Science that the red grading pen can upset students and weaken teacher-student relations and perhaps learning.
It should be made depending on the teacher's overall performance, on the students' results, and on teacher-student relations, not on the teacher-administration relations.
the Netherlands) uses the metaphor of the Argentine tango to explore teacher-student relations.
Comunication from the didactic perspective in physical education favours the transsmition of knowledge through the classic process of teaching, learning, based on the psyho-social component of the teacher-student relations.
From teacher-student relations and building classroom policy to adjusting teaching behavior and modifying student responses, teachers will find this an important tool for change.