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One who teaches, especially one hired to teach.

teach′er·ly adj.


of, relating to, or characteristic of a teacher
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It is a teacherly outlook that is complemented with total faith in the abilities of students and an ongoing commitment for action in support of social justice and equity of outcomes.
If I had never learned to surf, Tuesday would have dawned like any other workday and I would have fulfilled my teacherly duties ignorant of the oceanic joy on offer.
Rather, you take that particular Shakespeare course because it's being taught by a professor who has become a local celebrity of sorts (but unsung otherwise) because of the way she's taught the course, with scholarly insights and idiosyncratic twists and inventive accommodations, always displaying a teacherly attentiveness that takes into crucial account the indispensably unique individuals in front of her in that particular class in that particular year.
Dadier's teacherly affect drew from his navy service and the incitements to reform schools away from conformity, toward equal opportunity, and toward independent citizenship.
On the other hand--although the Saki biography at the end is appropriate--whoever had the dreadful idea of writing a short summary of each story followed by a teacherly little quiz as an appendix?
As the book reaches its middle, she takes a more teacherly tone and tells stories of teaching, as she reached a balance of giving and taking insight in her life.
There are different steps to creating the illusion of character," she says, switching into a teacherly mode.
As we come to celebrate the twentieth year of ALEA's practically orientated journal, we offer teacherly reflections on grammar's journey, both in terms of content and pedagogical practice.
Berryman's recordings of this poem, is downright teacherly, if not
The overdetermined cultural norms of teacherly reading define a
It also inspired a critical reflection about how Indigenous learners can take on a teacherly role if they so choose, to make sense of their own lived realities, and to contribute to dialogic learning.
adding Mr Millar's name in such a teacherly tone you might have thought he had been blowing spit balls at the First Minister from the other side of the chamber.
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