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The workshops featured 'Autism Spectrum Disorder' for Kindergarten teachers, 'Classroom Games and Teaching Aids' for Primary teachers, and 'Foundation to Child Psychology' for Middle School, Secondary and Senior Secondary teachers.
The process of teaching--learning depends upon the different type of teaching aids available in the classroom.
Anatomical and biological teaching aids provider 3B Scientific has been acquired by private equity firm J.
3B Scientific was founded in 1948 in Hamburg, Germany and has grown to be the world's largest manufacturer of anatomical and biological teaching aids for science, healthcare and patient education.
The lectures can be delivered by using different teaching aids such as blackboard (BB), OHP, or PowerPoint (PPT) presentation.
Due to their special needs the learners require particular equipment and teaching aids to experience education without any further challenges.
From this perspective, Cubero, Gonzalez, Trista, y Hernandez (1985) point out that the improvement of higher education would not be possible if--apart from other aspects--no space is dedicated to study in depth the issue related to the teaching aids used in the teaching-learning process.
In addition, the company will be demonstrating new ways of training condition monitoring engineers, using the latest teaching aids. RMS says that these teaching aids will make even the most complex subjects matters appear simple and clearly understandable.
This research aimed to investigate the behavior intention of early childhood teachers to apply teaching aids. The survey method was used to collect data from 281 early childhood teachers currently working at early childhood education institutes.
Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, inaugurated an exhibition of teaching aids and instructional tools held at the Rafaq School for Basic Education at the Rafaq area in southern Ras Al Khaimah.Inaugurating the exhibition, Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Qasimi lauded the teachers for the preparation of teaching aids and said that the adoption of new technology can be a great facilitator in the teaching- learning process."There has been a change in the way students acquire knowledge with the shift from teacher- centered learning process to student- centered learning.
This teach yourself guide will allow people to learn the principal methods of komuz playing, mastering complex chords and instrument stringing.The "Tandalma Kuulor" (Selected Melodies) DVD teaching aid is aimed at: creating a fully-fledged visual teaching aid for musicians, who already know how to play the komuz, or those who wish to master komuz playing on their own; supporting the art of instrument playing; the popularization of the epic heritage of the Kyrgyz people; the revival of the art of playing one of the Kyrgyz national instruments -- the komuz; assisting communication between various groups of people, cultures and generations.All the teaching aids will be distributed to high schools, boarding schools, orphanages, universities, music schools and colleges.

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