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Noun1.teaching certificate - a certificate saying that the holder is qualified to teach in the public schools
certificate, credential, credentials, certification - a document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts
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The NTI is taught for college credit and is one of the six classes that must be passed to earn a Missouri secondary CTE teaching certificate. For a postsecondary CTE teaching certificate, the NTI and four other courses must be successfully completed.
Keen to develop himself further, Colin is also working on a teaching certificate with the help of an evening course at City of Sunderland College.
But in this study, students received slightly higher scores if neither parent had ever held a state-issued teaching certificate than if one or both parents had.
Lone Star College-Montgomery instructor Yuying Liu has been awarded the first teaching certificate in Chinese from the Texas State Board for Educator Certification.
She did her teaching certificate at Warwick University and started at Race Leys as a newly qualified teacher in 1988, eventually becoming deputy head and then head teacher in 2002.
"I applied with my teaching certificate and nursery nurse's certificate as I didn't have A-levels and they were sufficient to get me in.
Originally from Bristol, Ali has now settled in Harborne after completing a teaching certificate in secondary education.
To help eliminate racism, education scholars, teachers, and school administrators offer practical advice on the day-to-day interactions in classrooms and hallways in colleges, teaching certificate programs, and elementary and secondary schools.
The summer program, however, does require passing the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment and completing the two-year program to receive a provisional teaching certificate.
A Middlesex Polytechnic social sciences graduate,Mr Sinnott took a teaching certificate at Edge Hill College,in Ormskirk,before beginning his career as a humanities teacher at Shorefields Comprehensive, Toxteth,in 1975.
She received a teaching certificate at age 18 and taught in local schools until she married Fred Curfman when she was 22.
As a result of my summer with Camp Adventure, I have now decided to take classes to get a teaching certificate in elementary education.

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