teaching fellowship

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teach′ing fel`lowship

a fellowship stipulating that the student who receives it must perform some teaching duties.
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Prof Tong has advised or audited over 40 different universities across the globe and was awarded the National Teaching Fellowship for his contribution to learning and teaching in 2011.
HEA Chief Executive, Professor Stephanie Marshall, said:A National Teaching Fellowship is the most prestigious individual award for excellence in teaching in higher education.
However, Jager was not completely out of the picture when she had come to Harvard on a teaching fellowship.
He became a professor in 2000 and was inducted into the National Teaching Fellowship in 2012.
He was named a Professor in the year 2000 and was inducted into the National Teaching Fellowship in 2012.
Professor Thompson, who was recently awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship forexcellence in teaching and support for learning, added: "This doesn't replace studying the actual bones but it is the closest you can get to the real thing.
Dr Rees was awarded a University Teaching Fellowship in 2014 and appointed Academic Fellow of the Inner Temple in recognition of her 'outstanding contribution to legal teaching and research.
The following year, I left Columbia to accept a teaching fellowship at Harvard.
Last year, I went back into a classroom in Ontario, Canada, as part of an International Teaching Fellowship.
The five-year Teaching Fellowship program that KSTF launched in 2002 has evolved into a comprehensive and cohesive professional development experience for beginning teachers.
Receiving organizations will include Teach for America, the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship Program, Independent Colleges of Indiana, the University of Southern Indiana Foundation, Indiana Association of Career & Technical Education Directors, Conexus, Indiana After School Network, Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation Foundation, Purdue University Research Foundation and Project Lead the Way.
For students who demonstrate a knack for leadership, SAB chairman of faculty Peter Martins and co-chairman Kay Mazzo ask them to take part in an advanced teaching fellowship, established two years ago to build on the assistantship.

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