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Noun1.teaching method - the principles and methods of instruction
method - a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)
maieutic method, Socratic method - a method of teaching by question and answer; used by Socrates to elicit truths from his students
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4 -- IBS Gurgaon hosted Knowledge Sharing program on topic Experiential Learning through Innovative Teaching Method on 30th of July 2016.
Experience type teaching method is applied to the badminton teaching process, can make class teaching more lively, and for students to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in the classroom.
A successful extension teaching method can play a vital role to transfer the technology to the farming community.
0276, shows association between commonly used teaching method and training.
Stripling and Roberts posited peer-teaching that utilizes the seven components of a math-enhanced lesson may be an appropriate means to improve preservice teachers' mathematics ability and suggested that a quasi-experimental research design be utilized to further examine the effectiveness of math-enhanced agricultural teaching method courses.
The lecture method is a traditional teaching method that has been used throughout the years as a means of transmitting information from a teacher to a group of students (Werner& DeSimone, 2009).
Among others, a teaching method retrieval system can help tutors to find effective teaching methods for pupils.
The school has seen a rise in the number of students ever since this teaching method was tried out.
Brown and Gibson's model of facility site selection is applicable to Bonner's (1999, 2008) model of teaching method selection for several reasons.
WELSH language tutors in North Wales are learning Japanese as part of a worldwide study into a revolutionary teaching method.
An exhibition and international conference on a world-renowned nursery teaching method will come to South Wales next week.

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