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Noun1.teaching method - the principles and methods of instruction
method - a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)
maieutic method, Socratic method - a method of teaching by question and answer; used by Socrates to elicit truths from his students
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The comparison of the traditional teaching mode + final evaluation teaching method and the mixed teaching mode + formative evaluation teaching method in the actual teaching can provide a basis for the application of the new teaching mode of other fusion courses in the future.
Eighteen sessions of class were randomly allocated for then two methods of teaching of which 9 sessions were taught in the interactive teaching method as the intervention group, and 9 sessions were taught in the traditional lecture method as the control group.
Our results showed that around 120 (30%) of the participants supported PBL as the most effective teaching method while 64(16%) considered clinical rotations, and 60(15%) voted for lectures.
In South East Nigeria, it is uncertain the type of pedagogy or teaching method mostly adopted or preferred to by library and information science instructors (LISIs) in the library schools undergraduate programme.
To check for significance of the differences, depending on the teaching methods, a one-way ANCOVA was conducted for the posttest to neutralize the effect of the pretest, according to the study variable, teaching method (Table 3).
4 -- IBS Gurgaon hosted Knowledge Sharing program on topic Experiential Learning through Innovative Teaching Method on 30th of July 2016.
How to innovate the badminton teaching method, give full play to the leading role of teachers and students, through access to relevant information to show that the application of multimedia assisted instruction is one of the main directions of sports teaching reform.
A successful extension teaching method can play a vital role to transfer the technology to the farming community.
The value of kh2=9.131 with significant value 0.0276, shows association between commonly used teaching method and training.
Out of 127 students, 88.1% perceived case based learning as most effective teaching method, whereas 70.8% and 65.3% mentioned practical and tutorial as effective method of teaching respectively.(Table 1) Analysis of perception of students about pathology subject showed that 68.5% students found the subject interesting.
Although research has focused on measuring students' teaching method preferences for various courses (refer to Hunt et al.

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