team up

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: up - form a team; "We teamed up for this new project"
aggroup, group - form a group or group together
يَنْضَم الى، يَشْتَرِك مع
spojit se
ganga til liîs viî
birlikte iş görmek

w>team up

vi (people)sich zusammentun (with mit); (= join group)sich anschließen (with sb jdm, an jdn); I see that John and Mary have teamed upJohn und Mary gehen jetzt (anscheinend) miteinander (inf)


(tiːm) noun
1. a group of people forming a side in a game. a football team.
2. a group of people working together. A team of doctors.
3. two or more animals working together eg pulling a cart, plough etc. a team of horses/oxen.
team spirit
willingness of each member of a team or group to work together with loyalty and enthusiasm.
ˈteam-work noun
cooperation between those who are working together on a task etc.
team up
to join with another person in order to do something together. They teamed up with another family to rent a house for the holidays.
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Mobilink will be operating this world-class incubator with its service delivery partner Team Up, bringing expertise of seasoned industry veterans like Zouhair Khaliq and Pervaiz Abbasi, who shall be leading the operations.
com)-- Chase Wilson Education is pleased to announce it is now listed as a resource on Sears' website to help prevent bullying - Team Up to Stop Bullying (http://www.
Claiming that her stroke had been caused by a diet pill she had been taking, "Trim Easy," manufactured by Nion Laboratories and distributed by Team Up International, Coma sued both companies.
Catchers and infielders have to team up on pop-ups near the stands to avoid colliding with the stands or backstop or falling into the dugout.
com)-- Olympic speed skater JR Celski is the first community ambassador to join Team Up for Nonprofits, an organization that raises funds and awareness for other nonprofits through unique, affordable, professional, music events and social media tools.