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1. Sports & Games
a. A group on the same side, as in a game.
b. The members of a team who are actively playing at a given time: After a stellar performance in last week's game, the shooting guard was promoted to the starting team.
2. A group organized for work or activity: a team of engineers.
a. Two or more draft animals used to pull a vehicle or farm implement.
b. A vehicle along with the animal or animals harnessed to it.
4. A group of animals exhibited or performing together, as horses at an equestrian show.
5. A brood or flock.
v. teamed, team·ing, teams
1. To harness or join together so as to form a team.
2. To transport or haul with a draft team.
1. To form a team or an association. Often used with up.
2. To drive a team or truck.

[Middle English tem, team of draft animals, from Old English tēam; see deuk- in Indo-European roots.]
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