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1. A small table incorporating a tea chest.
2. A small decorative three-legged table.

[Hindi tipāī, tripod, trivet, alteration (influenced by ti-, combining form of tīn, three) of Persian sipāya : si, three; see trei- in Indo-European roots + pāy, foot (from Middle Persian pāy; see ped- in Indo-European roots).]
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1. (Furniture) a small table or stand with a tripod base
2. (Furniture) a tea caddy on such a table or stand
[C19: from Hindi tipāī, from Sanskrit tri three + pāda foot; compare Persian sīpae three-legged stand]
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(ˈti pɔɪ)

1. a small three-legged table or stand.
2. a small table for use in serving tea.
[1820–30; < Hindi tīpāi alter. (with t- from tir- three < Skt tri) of Persian si-pāya three-legged stand]
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A small tea table, typically with three legs.
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TEAPOY A Small table or tripod B One who grades the quality of a beverage C Small duck of the genus Nettion who am I?
I complemented him for that as we both placed our empty tea cups on the teapoy.
While Ashiq stretched his long legs on the teapoy, meditating as he liked to do after every snack or meal, and she washed the pomegranate bowl in the sink, she considered her good fortune.
It also includes a glossary of all those words that are no longer in use, like "teapoy" (a stand that converts to a table for serving tea) or "quinsy" (tonsillitis).