tear along

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w>tear along

vientlangrasen; he tore along the streeter raste die Straße entlang or hinunter
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"This hole is the result of a tear along a preexisting zone of weakness, is causing volcanism on the North American plate, and is causing deformation in the Juan de Fuca plate offshore,"  the researchers wrote in their study published in (https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1029/2019GL083437) Geophysical Research Letters on July 3. 
For additional safety, Patch-Safe can be provided with a perforation for tamper protection: Attempts to reopen the label with the inserted and sealed patch will cause the label to tear along the perforation; peeling off the top label layer will then only be possible with great force, serving as an additional impediment to abuse.
James Thompson, 56, said: "Most people tear along that road as if it is Brand's Hatch."
I HAVE become aware of the preponderance of mobility scooters, those chariots that tear along the pavements carrying the old and infirm.
I shed a tear along with Michael - he's adopted so the show resonates with us.
But the wear and tear along the buttons, and specifically on the left pocket of the uniform, proved to him that it was likely Goering himself wore it.
The ongoing work to tackle wear and tear along the motorway will be continuing into the autumn with a PS450,000 Highways Agency project.
I would make an incision in the top of the envelope and tear along it cleanly, and then discover that I had either sliced through the actual contents, or through my finger.
Hours after the Games are opened by The Queen, Isle of Man sprint king Mark Cavendish will mount his bike for a 250km tear along the roads of London and Surrey, starting and ending on The Mall.
I don't even mind if they shed a little tear along the way because further down the line the experience will only have made them stronger and hungrier for success.
PLEASE TEAR ALONG PERFORATION between this wet refreshed axis and adjusted reading.