tear strip

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tear′ strip`

or tear′strip`

a strip, string, etc., that is pulled to open a box, wrapper, or the like.
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Cambian Foods, based in Wembley, needed to automatically apply tamper evident sleeves to a range of filled and capped homemade style chutney and sauce products in glass jars, using PVC micron 50 sleeves with a perforation and tear strip. The product was previously hand applied and only had a strap tamper evident strip.
The pack incorporates an easy open tear strip with re-close facility along with All in One Riddlers branding on all sides.
It incorporates a simple but effective tear strip to provide the consumer with the correct level of venting to achieve best possible results.
Consumers are instructed to pull a tab created by two cuts on the pack's back fin seal, which works like a tear strip. Once opened, the pack can also be folded over to protect an unfinished bar.
The wraparound case has a tear strip to remove the lid for easy opening and the bottom of the case acts as the display tray.
His Home Baking pack has curved sides and tear strip opening.
The new Flexi-Cap Plus features a tear strip running through the label as an integrated element.
The stand up pouch allows the customer to break the seal with a tear strip at the top of the pouch, add ingredients such as bacon bits and then hermetically reseal with a Ziplock closure.
When the label's tear strip -- which also runs around the closure cap -- is removed, the inscriptions "Opened" and "Used" appear in the film's two indicator fields.
Each of the nine sizes in the line comes in two versions: self-adhesive flap with a tear strip and tube-style closure with serrated lip options.