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1. Filled with or accompanied by tears: tearful eyes; a tearful farewell.
2. So piteous as to excite tears: a tearful melodrama.

tear′ful·ly adv.
tear′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.tearfulness - sadness expressed by weepingtearfulness - sadness expressed by weeping  
sadness, unhappiness - emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being
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بُكاء، إمتلاء العُيون بالدَّمع
táraflóî; tárarennsli
ağlamaklı olma


(tiə) noun
a drop of liquid coming from the eye, as a result of emotion (especially sadness) or because something (eg smoke) has irritated it. tears of joy/laughter/rage.
ˈtearful adjective
1. inclined to cry or weep; with much crying or weeping. She was very tearful; a tearful farewell.
2. covered with tears. tearful faces.
ˈtearfully adverb
ˈtearfulness noun
tear gas
a kind of gas causing blinding tears, used against eg rioters.
ˈtear-stained adjective
marked with tears. a tear-stained face.
in tears
crying or weeping. She was in tears over the broken doll.
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Seated with his back towards her on a sofa which stood against the wall on a line with the door by which she had entered, she saw Will Ladislaw: close by him and turned towards him with a flushed tearfulness which gave a new brilliancy to her face sat Rosamond, her bonnet hanging back, while Will leaning towards her clasped both her upraised hands in his and spoke with low-toned fervor.
"Ah--that's owing to an accident--a misunderstanding; and we won't argue it," Tess answered, with tearfulness in her words.
it can affect their ability to sleep, trigger anxiety attacks, depression, tearfulness and eating disorders.
The persons with BID had a higher percentage of hypersomnia, psychomotor retardation, delusions, social withdrawal, and leaden paralysis, while the persons with MDD had a higher percentage of initial insomnia, early morning awakening, anger or irritability, tearfulness, subjective restlessness, and anxiety [Table 3, Figures 1 and 2].
CARL SARGEANT'S GP told the inquest that the AM had seen doctors a number of times over depression, trouble sleeping and tearfulness from 2012 onwards.
INSOMNIA AND 'WEEPINESS' CARL SARGEANT'S GP told the inquest that the AM had seen doctors a number of times over depression, trouble sleeping and tearfulness from 2012 onwards.
The symptoms of stress and common mental health problems are similar - loss of appetite, fatigue and tearfulness.
In a recent study, it was found that men suffer from Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD) which results in sadness, tearfulness or irritability following sex.
Some firefighters, emergency medical providers, law enforcement officers and others say the scale, sadness and sometimes sheer gruesomeness of their experiences haunt them, leading to tearfulness and depression, job burnout, substance abuse, relationship problems, even suicide.
Mothers with the baby blues will report low mood, tearfulness and/or anxiety during this time.