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adj. tear·i·er, tear·i·est
a. Filled or wet with tears: teary eyes.
b. Of or resembling tears.
2. Causing weeping: a teary movie; a teary goodbye.
3. Inclined to weep: He becomes teary when he reminisces.

tear′i·ly adv.
tear′i·ness n.


adj, tearier or teariest
1. characterized by, covered with, or secreting tears
2. (Physiology) given to weeping; tearful
ˈtearily adv
ˈteariness n


(ˈtɪər i)

adj. tear•i•er, tear•i•est.
1. tearful: a teary farewell.
2. of or like tears.
tear′i•ly, adv.
tear′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.teary - with eyes full of tearsteary - with eyes full of tears    
tearful - filled with or marked by tears; "tearful eyes"; "tearful entreaties"


Filled with or shedding tears:
Idiom: in tears.
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Nowadays there are no Cadbury's Roses at 10am, no retro prawn cocktail for starters and no one picking out the teariest of tearjerkers to watch, stuffed and emotional, after a mammoth turkey dinner.
polarities of farcical humor and teariest melodrama ...
How many times have I told you NOT to?" On that occasion, lodging alone at the Cornell Club in Manhattan, I had fallen asleep watching Fox Channel TV baseball and awoke at the teariest part of THAT movie.