tearing down

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Noun1.tearing down - complete destruction of a buildingtearing down - complete destruction of a building  
destruction, devastation - the termination of something by causing so much damage to it that it cannot be repaired or no longer exists
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There lay the smooth road below us, we upon one side of it, the banked multitude wailing its other side -- a good clear road, and kept free by the police -- how good it would be to see my five hundred horsemen come tearing down it
And soon the dogs were all tearing down the field of young wheat next to ours.
The king has ordered some novel spectacle -- some gladiatorial exhibition at the hippodrome -- or perhaps the massacre of the Scythian prisoners -- or the conflagration of his new palace -- or the tearing down of a handsome temple -- or, indeed, a bonfire of a few Jews.
The wild-ox revelled in dense herbage that often concealed his whole body; gray, black, and yellow elephants of the most gigantic size burst headlong, like a living hurricane, through the forests, breaking, rending, tearing down, devastating every thing in their path; upon the woody slopes of the hills trickled cascades and springs flowing northward; there, too, the hippopotami bathed their huge forms, splashing and snorting as they frolicked in the water, and lamantines, twelve feet long, with bodies like seals, stretched themselves along the banks, turning up toward the sun their rounded teats swollen with milk.
along with other parents, was tearing down collapsed in a remote village in Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur, a school official said Saturday.
We are tearing down the dated department store interior.
The measurements made later at the Faculty of Architecture showed her decisions were groundless yet she decided to ignore their expertise and proceeded with the process of tearing down Canoski's undertaking.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Two minors in the southeastern province of Diyarbakyr are facing a sentence of up to four years in a juvenile facility for tearing down posters of President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an.
BRUSSELS, Nov 9 (KUNA) -- The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, Sunday said the tearing down of the Berlin wall 25 years ago "changed the world forever.
Tearing down a drywall ceiling is not a super-pleasant experience, but tearing down a ceiling that has 14 in.
Political analysts from Macedonia and Kosovo consider that Albania and Kosovo should be ashamed by the tearing down of the monument of NLA defenders in Presevo.
A few civil initiatives reacted to his statements saying that it is outrageous to tear down monuments from the Macedonian national history and that the appeals for tearing down and mining the Skopje 2014 project surpassed even the Taliban regime.