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 (tē′ro͞om′, -ro͝om′)
A restaurant or shop serving tea and other refreshments. Also called teashop.
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(ˈtiːˌruːm; -ˌrʊm)
1. (Commerce) another name for teashop
2. NZ a room in a school or university where hot drinks are served
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(ˈtiˌrum, -ˌrʊm)

a restaurant or shop where tea and other refreshments are served.
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Noun1.tearoom - a restaurant where tea and light meals are availabletearoom - a restaurant where tea and light meals are available
buttery - a teashop where students in British universities can purchase light meals
eatery, eating house, eating place, restaurant - a building where people go to eat
Britain, Great Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom
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[ˈtiːrʊm] Nsalón m de té
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[ˈtiːˌrʊm] nsala da tè
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(tiː) noun
1. a type of plant grown in Asia, especially India, Ceylon and China, or its dried and prepared leaves. I bought half a kilo of tea.
2. a drink made by adding boiling water to these. Have a cup of tea!
3. a cup etc of tea. Two teas, please!
4. a small meal in the afternoon (afternoon tea) or a larger one in the early evening, at which tea is often drunk. She invited him to tea.
a small bag or sachet of thin paper containing tea, on to which boiling water is poured in a pot or cup.
ˈteacup noun
a cup, usually of medium size, in which tea is served.
ˈtea-party nounplural ˈtea-parties
an afternoon party at which tea is usually served. She has been invited to a tea-party.
ˈteapot noun
a pot with a spout used for making and pouring tea.
ˈtearoom noun
a restaurant where tea, coffee, cakes etc are served.
ˈtea-set, ˈtea-service nouns
a set of cups, saucers and plates, sometimes with a teapot and milk-jug.
ˈteaspoon noun
1. a small spoon for use with a teacup. I need a teaspoon to stir my tea.
2. a teaspoonful. a teaspoon of salt.
ˈteaspoonful noun
an amount that fills a teaspoon. two teaspoonfuls of salt.
ˈtea-time noun
the time in the late afternoon or early evening at which people take tea. He said he would be back at tea-time.
ˈtea-towel noun
a cloth for drying dishes after they have been washed eg after a meal.
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Up to five full-time equivalent jobs will be created at a new themed tearoom and bookshop.
The tearoom is found on a pedestrianised side street in Paphos old town and a couple of tables outside the front are a great place to sit and relax in cooler months.
Crail Harbour Gallery & Tearoom Shoregate, Crail, Fife Welcome Friendly and accommodating, happy to find us a space in the cosy setting.
A POPULAR Tyne Valley tearoom has closed for two days - to let in some BBC TV cameras.
The newly restored Mackintosh at the Willow tearoom in Glasgow has scooped the top award in a prestigious competition to honour community-led built projects from across the country.
A rare dress belonging to tearoom pioneer Kate Cranston feared destroyed in the Glasgow School of Art fires has been reunited with its owner.
Staff on Onnen Ward at the Sketty-based hospital came up with the idea and said visits to the salon and tearoom - called Serenity - had already helped to calm patients and even bring back memories of times gone by.
Coventry's newest tearoom has joined January's vegan vogue, with a new menu free from animal products.
A TEAROOM has re-opened nearly a decade after it closed shortly after being set-up.
For the hotel's dedicated Tearoom is launching EVENING tea, giving guests the sandwiches, cakes and scones they love but with an added twist.