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adj. tear·i·er, tear·i·est
a. Filled or wet with tears: teary eyes.
b. Of or resembling tears.
2. Causing weeping: a teary movie; a teary goodbye.
3. Inclined to weep: He becomes teary when he reminisces.

tear′i·ly adv.
tear′i·ness n.


adj, tearier or teariest
1. characterized by, covered with, or secreting tears
2. (Physiology) given to weeping; tearful
ˈtearily adv
ˈteariness n


(ˈtɪər i)

adj. tear•i•er, tear•i•est.
1. tearful: a teary farewell.
2. of or like tears.
tear′i•ly, adv.
tear′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.teary - with eyes full of tearsteary - with eyes full of tears    
tearful - filled with or marked by tears; "tearful eyes"; "tearful entreaties"


Filled with or shedding tears:
Idiom: in tears.
References in classic literature ?
His mother listened, spoke soothingly to him and in a whisper promised him something that made him give her a quick, teary smile.
It was a teary affair as he was thrown into the wilderness of the Australian outback for a year.
We don't know what's on the menu tonight, but it's fair to guess there could be cute kids, clever animal acts, death-defying knife throwing, OAPs in inappropriate outfits and something patriotic that will make Amanda get teary. But will there be more golden buzzer action?
'I don't care anymore..anytime I can die,' a teary Kiprono said.
A poem written by the deceased also recited on the occasion leaving participants with teary eyes.
BY TREVOR QUINN A MIXTURE of excitement and a few teary goodbyes marked the first day at school for thousands of children yesterday.
(Did anyone pay much attention to Wimbledon?) But next time he gets teary, can someone be on standby to give him a hug?
A popular YouTube personality's teary revelations of sexual humiliation have gone viral.
Summary: Relatives of the deceased receive bodies with teary eyes
Tiwa, who said Wizkid's message got her teary replied with, 'Boy, you already know how emotional I get so this is just making me teary.
"I'm not a teary sort of guy but it means a hell of a lot," Burrow said.
Jaden "had me a little teary as I witnessed the next generations (sic) global agents of change!" (http://http://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/2016/10/26/Will-Smith-says-he-was-teary-as-son-Jaden-actress-Shailene-Woodley-were-honored-for-activism/6241477500916/) Will Smith wrote on Facebook.