tease apart

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Verb1.tease apart - disentangle and raise the fibers of; "tease wool"
unsnarl, disentangle, straighten out - extricate from entanglement; "Can you disentangle the cord?"
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I will then employ a candidate-based approach to tease apart the multiple processes through which enhancer activation can regulate splicing patterns, And to discover new enhancer-linked regulators implicated in the as process.
The authors share favorite character moments and passages and tease apart elements of craft that inspire them; discussion at end.
They set out theoretical distinctions and methodological steps that will enable researchers to tease apart complexity and to make that complexity amenable to productive analysis.
As researchers tease apart the intricate biochemical operations within a cell, they need an entirely new class of tools to take some fundamental measurements.
This prospective analysis used a propensity score matched control group to cancer cases that enabled us to tease apart the effects of cancer and aging in a novel way," said Dr.
The team has already begun to screen potential agents while continuing to tease apart the biological roots of MICU1 biology.
Others will require a bit more tugging and pulling - two garden forks back to back in the centre of the plant is a good way to tease apart thicker clumps like daylilies.
First lift them and clean off the roots to see what you are doing and chop into a few pieces with a sharp spade or tease apart with back-toback forks.
check] Tease apart the duties of the Chinese management team.
To tease apart the blood flow from neuron firing, Drew and colleagues separately measured each process as mice voluntarily walked on a treadmill.
Now, due to human modernization, the olfactory system has to deal with sensory overload from all the fragrances and aromas that surround us and still tease apart the ones that are vital," Herz concluded.
Use them to separate flats, lift seedlings and tease apart dense root balls.