Relating to or involving both technology and electronics: the technetronic era; our technetronic society.


(Electronics) relating to or characterized by advances in technology and electronics


(ˌtɛk nɪˈtrɒn ɪk)

pertaining to or characterized by social, economic, and other changes brought about by advances in technology, electronics, and communications: a technetronic era.
[coinage based on technology and electronic]
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Among Brzezinski's ideas that caught Rockefeller's attention were those outlined in his 1970 book Between Two Ages: Americas Role in the Technetronic Era.
In fact, Brzezinski's 1970s book, which purports to deal with "America's Role in the Technetronic Era," makes that clear.
Between two ages: America's role in the technetronic era.
Drucker "bilgi toplumu" (knowledge society), Paul Holmes "kisisel hizmet toplumu" (the personal service society), Ralf Dahrendorf "hizmet-sinifitoplum" (service class society), Zbigniew Brzezinski "teknotratik cag" (the technetronic era), ve Yoneji Masuda ise "enformasyon toplumu" (information society) olarak adlandirmaktadir (Bell,1973; Drucker,1994; Masuda,1980; Kumar ve Masuda'dan aktaran Bozkurt,1997:20-21).
Warren is referring here to Brzezinski's "America in the Technetronic Age," wherein the latter states that "America .
Their irreverence not only toward New Critical standards but toward all highfalutin poetic pronouncements and political agendas distinguishes them from the more programmatic antiformalists, and their free forms, which manage without the mystifications of nostalgic organicism and technetronic iconoclasm alike, have proven widely influential.
4) Zbigniew Brzezinski, "America in the Technetronic Age," Encounter, (January 1968), 16.
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