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Noun1.technical analyst - a stock market analyst who tries to predict market trends from graphs of recent prices of securities
market analyst - an analyst of conditions affecting a market (especially the stock market)
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If two companies, no matter how wildly different, happen to have similar historical charts, a technical analyst will predict similar outcomes for each.
Fellow technical analyst Mohammad Al Sdi on Wednesday calculated the DFM's support at 4,544, 6.
The average starting salary of a Dealer is set at 1,800 euros monthly, for the Trader at 2,500 and for the Technical Analyst at 2,000, always based on experience and skills.
Back on home front: Duncan Woollaston has returned to his job as a technical analyst in Birmingham after serving in Kosovo.
The Technical Analyst Edition provides information especially helpful to those who track pricing trends in securities, including the following:
He said the commission's report was not definitive enough to study from the viewpoint of a technical analyst.
Ayman Waked formerly was chief technical analyst at EFG-Hermes, an investment bank with offices in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
Instead of 'Sell in May and Go Away,' we may be setting up for a surprise May rally," said Ryan Detrick, senior technical analyst at Schaeffer's Investment Research in Cincinnati, Ohio.
All the good news and all of the bad news is wrapped up in a single word, rotation,'' Prudential Securities technical analyst Ralph Acampora said Monday.
The overall picture is more consolidation and pull backs during the next four to five months and also more volatility," said technical analyst Mr Victor Hugo.

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