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A literary or cinematic work that combines suspense and tightly plotted action with a relatively high degree of technological detail.


(ˈtɛk noʊˌθrɪl ər)
a suspense novel in which the manipulation of sophisticated technology, as of aircraft or weapons systems, plays a prominent part.
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A confrontation after a church service looms as large as a countdown clock in a techno-thriller, and the characters' conflicting wants set them on a collision course that keeps the pages turning.
According to Mashable, Grant Wilfley Casting is looking for 'hacker-types' to serve as background extras in an upcoming scene of the hit techno-thriller.
The world of a techno-thriller is relatively close to the world in which the reader lives.
Trial Run will appeal to young adult readers looking for a mind-bending techno-thriller, but this is an adult Christian novel not written with a young adult audience in mind.
Age of Ultron" tries to become many things at the same time: a soap-opera, an old-school Cold War spy movie, an ensemble comedy, a techno-thriller and even a mind-bending David Lynch piece due to its highly surreal dream sequences.
Blackhat'' (in which there's plenty of gunplay, too) viscerally dramatizes digital life, or at least a muscular techno-thriller version of it.
Influx,'' Suarez's fourth techno-thriller novel, is, according to The Wall Street Journal, the kind of literature that senior people in the military, members of the intelligence community, and White House cybersecurity wonks read for fun -- and then use to consider ''appropriate dialogue about relevant issues.
Also available as an ebook, The Mountain Place of Knowledge is the first in the Ancestor Series of techno-thriller novels set in a nexus between the modern-day world and the legacy of advanced ancients.
Finally, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are in a movie together and not just any movie but a techno-thriller.
The procedure, which echoed of techno-thriller 'Jurassic Park' - was spelled out by Edinburgh-based stem-cell scientist Wilmut.
Prophet of Bones starts with a bang but loses some of its frenetic energy as it settles into the structure of the standard-issue techno-thriller.