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Technical jargon: "The playwright can send up the garbled technobabble of modern bureaucracy as expertly as anyone" (Peter Marks).
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(ˈtɛk noʊˌbæb əl)
incomprehensible technical language or jargon.
[1980–85; patterned on psychobabble]
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The excessive use of Internet jargon and high technology terminology, especially when used to intimidate inexperienced computer users.
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Noun1.technobabble - technical jargon from computing and other high-tech subjects
jargon - specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject
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And spitting out six-paragraph knowledge articles or technobabble from a manual or exactingly crafted lawyerese just doesn't provide that experience.
And much of it can be gathered without massive budgets, technobabble or rocket science, including, for example, walking competitors' stores; conducting old-fashioned in-store customer surveys that demonstrate to shoppers that the retailer cares about their needs and preferences; and measuring and monitoring market share performances.
There are Fitbits, there are TV shows like "CSI" and "Star Trek," and people are able to spout off technobabble a lot.
Because what could be more fun than listening to a stream of technobabble delivered in deadpan?
Strip away the technobabble about better algorithms, more transparency and commitment to truth, and Silicon Valley's "fixes" dodge a simple fact; its technologies are not designed to sort truth from falsehood, check accuracy, or correct mistakes.
Strip away the technobabble about better algorithms, more transparency, and commitment to truth, and Silicon Valley's "fixes" dodge a simple fact: Its technologies are not designed to sort truth from falsehoods, check accuracy or correct mistakes.
Hacking becomes a constant storytelling cheat, allowing good guys and bad guys to take their next narrative steps in a sentence of technobabble. When every new sequence or location is motivated by a computer telling them to go there, what's the point of plot at all?
The makers of those other devices used "technobabble"--descriptions of all of the technical and engineering details-to market what were technologically better products.
The best bits are the technobabble and business speak; the show's writers seem to have taken their industry consultants seriously, and the result is believable storytelling about server closets and boardrooms.
Perhaps sharp suited legal eagles, all buzzwords and technobabble.
Jude Milhon) has offered the following summation: "Hacking is the clever circumvention of imposed limits, whether imposed by your government, your IP server, your own personality." (5) Certainly, science fiction as an aesthetic form would represent a similar provocation, a similar circumvention of established limits--whether the laws of society or the laws of physics--through its characteristic performances of cognitive estrangement and structural fabulation, to say nothing of technobabble, a favorite quickand- dirty way to overcome black holes, plot holes, and other obstacles in the path to adventure ("mumblemumble photon bombs mumblemumble").
If you can get past some technobabble, The Best Teacher in You can open your mind to new ways to keep those fires burning.--Reviewed by Gaili Schoen, Culver City, California