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 (tĕk′nə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) also tech·no·log·ic (-lŏj′ĭk)
1. Relating to or involving technology, especially scientific technology.
2. Affected by or resulting from scientific and industrial progress.

tech′no·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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It's an increasingly common problem among the over 30s, with the rapid pace of technologic advances passing many of us by.
The goal of this award is to promote scientific and technologic education and careers for young French women.
MEDEF International supports trade, technologic cooperation and investments, long-term partnerships, especially on emerging and developing markets as well as reconstruction markets.
technologic advancement but regretfully Pakistan is lagging
He stated that these linkages ensure industrial growth and technologic advancement but regretfully Pakistan is lagging behind in ensuring smooth and fruitful linkages between these sectors.
As the artists state, "We are intrigued by the way that these markers of space have become markers of time, representing a poignant moment in geopolitical and technologic social history""
There is no threat to the ecology." "There was neither technologic nor ecological threat," he added.
According to Technologic Vehicles, the vehicle is all-electric and an all-wheel-drive roadster.
Growing skull fractures may be underdiagnosed in raptor rehabilitation facilities that do not have access to advanced technologic equipment.
The book addresses five areas: summary explanations for ChinaAEs outward FDI activities offered by current theories of GVC and outward FDI; rationally understand ChinaAEs position in GVC and characteristics of ChinaAEs outward FDI in this new era; build and discuss theoretical models behind technology acquisition and upgrading in value chains through outward FDI; examine the impact of outward FDI on the domestic technologic progress; provide suggestions on ChinaAEs outward FDI strategies from the perspective of GVC based on theoretical and empirical analyses.
New occupiers include eQ Technologic, Babcock, Longcross Construction and Chalcroft.
He holds a degree in Engineering from Technologic Institute of Monterrey and a master" s in Business Administration from Cornell University.
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