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Four or five years earlier he had taken a year's course at a technological college at Worcester, and dabbled in the laboratory with a friendly professor of physics; and the images supplied by that experience still cropped up, at unexpected moments, through the totally different associations of thought in which he had since been living.
The answer lies in focusing on technological innovation.
"We have to support our technology companies and facilitate our youth to acquire scientific and technological education," he said.
(TAP) - The government will launch, between 2019 and 2020, a promotional campaign for technological parks based on the network of international relations set up by the companies in charge of the management of these structures, announced Thursday, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed.
The Ministry of Military Production Mohamed al assar during the opening of the Exhibition - press photo CAIRO - 5 March 2018: The Center for Scientific and Technological Excellence of the Ministry of Military Production has signed a cooperation agreement with Zewail City of Science and Technology.
Entrepreneurs and startups that are based on innovation are the future of Egypt, and innovation cannot be achieved without technology, so the state is working to spread technological areas.
Summary: On one side are the technological fetishists, who welcome a new age of technological transcendence.
University of Arkansas professor Daniel Whitmire is suggesting that if we go by this principle, it stands to reason that any technological species would find themselves in a similar situation to humans on Earth: "that they are both the first such species to evolve on their planet and also that they are early in their potential technological evolution," according to his paper in the ( International Journal of Astrobiology .
The development of such products, innovative for a specific manufacturer, requires the application of an operational technological control system that ensures the liquidity of products at the reached level of technical parameters.
Scholars have argued that philosophy of technology assumptions, especially technological determinism, may influence the thinking or discourse of educators concerning technology (Bennett & Maton, 2010; Cukier, Ngwenyama, Bauer, & Middleton, 2009; Fisher, 2006; Jones & Czerniewicz, 2010; Jones & Healing, 2010; Kanuka, 2008; Kritt & Winegar, 2010; Leonardi, 2008; Oliver, 2011; Selwyn, 2010; Strobel & Tillberg-Webb, 2009), and affect policy (Clegg, Hudson, & Steel, 2003; Cukier et al., 2009; Fisher, 2006; Wyatt, 2008).

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