technological revolution

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Noun1.technological revolution - the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation
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He said that, 'China could be helpful in attaining this goal as China is one of the leading producers of hand-made products with over 40 percent share in the world trade but with the technological revolution and high labor cost,the handmade sector in China is highly disturbed.
So far KP IT Board has established Durshals in Mardan, Swabi, Swat and Peshawar while the process has been initiated for remaining 3 locations.Durshal Government Innovation Lab is a platform for launching the KP Civic Innovation Fellowship Program and aims to bring about the much needed technological revolution in the province.
Technological revolution and financial costs also determine which media would be supreme.
'Various governments, federal, state and local, must rise to the challenges of the increasing technological revolution, if our dream of a truly great nation must be realized,' he stated.
With the aim of showcasing cutting edge technological innovation and foster adequate preparation, this event is designed especially for industry stakeholders so that the industry as well as Bangladesh move ahead and embrace next technological revolution.
Shafqat Mahmood emphasised the need for becoming part of the technological revolution and scientific advancement to ensure the quality education.
While 5G, AI and IoT converge to usher the next technological revolution, AUO is dedicated to presenting ever more innovative display applications and technologies, and offers all-round smart solutions centering hardware and software integration to create the most value for its customers.
In a statement, Grant Thornton Abdulaal managing partner Jassim Abdulaal said, "The world is changing fast and we are already in a technological revolution that is reshaping the way we interact with each other; the way the labour market organises its production and even the way human beings think.
Jacksonville, FL, October 11, 2018 --( Apellix the safety partner for the technological revolution, is proud to announce that has been granted its third full patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) with a dispensing tool, an autonomous (moveable) base station, and an umbilical / tether apparatus.
With the speedy development of the industry, Huaren Capital will move forward with investors to share the benefits of this technological revolution.
In a speech to the Central Bank of Ireland, the Bank governor said: "Every technological revolution mercilessly destroys jobs and livelihoods -- and therefore identities -- well before the new ones emerge.

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