technological revolution

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Noun1.technological revolution - the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation
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Experts at the 15th annual Learning and Technology Conference organized by Effat University on Sunday discussed issues pertaining to the fast-changing technologies and ways to effectively gain from the technological revolution.
he said in the letter, and claimed the leaders were jailed despite working to bring about technological revolution.
The TUC today publishes its Shaping Our Digital Future report into how the next technological revolution will affect jobs and pay.
com)-- Apellix, the safety partner for the technological revolution, is proud to announce that its Smart Bee[TM] aerial robot was named an Innovation of the Year award winner at the Materials Performance annual Readers' Choice Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards.
He emphasized on the fast emerging technological revolution climate that
This book aims to set a technological context for these changes and begin a dialog that will help the industry set the right course for the profound change ahead that will be driven by this technological revolution only the sixth such revolution of the modern era.
He points out that a technological revolution - a range of renewable energies with new applications - is underway in Germany, the US, China and India.
Amazon is increasingly concerned that, unless substantial progress is quickly made in opening up the skies in the United States, the nation is at risk of losing its position as the center of innovation for the UAS technological revolution, along with the key jobs and economic benefits that come as a result," Paul Misener, Amazon's vice president for global public policy, told the FAA.
In the field of higher education, university managers need to join the technological revolution by adopting low cost ICT and E-learning facilities.
His decision to take an historic building, which symbolises Britain's role as the home of the first Industrial Revolution, and transform it into a centre of excellence for those who will shape the next technological revolution exemplifies the best in business leadership.
THE Electric Revolution season continues in this programme which brings a unique insight into how the technological revolution of the past 40 years has transformed our lives.
So, if you like a challenge, if you're good at solving problems and interested in how things work, then you could make a contribution to the technological revolution that is radically changing the way we live.

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