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tr.v. tech·nol·o·gized, tech·nol·o·giz·ing, tech·nol·o·giz·es
To modify or affect by technology; make technological.


(tɛkˈnɒləˌdʒaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make technological
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The reason we can technologise at all is that those human areas have recently not only taken extraordinarily seriously the knowledge of how our universe functions but also personified such knowledge into the human semblances of those processes that we call technologies.
Through the "Green Economy", an attempt is being made to technologise, financialise, privatise and commodify all of the Earth's resources and living processes.
(14) La calligraphie est une pratique ancestrale encore a l'honneur aujourd'hui dans un Japon pourtant aussi tres technologise. Enfin, au vingtieme siecle, le livre japonais s'ecrit parfois comme un livre occidental (horizontalement de gauche a droite) mais d'autres fois, dans les sens "orientaux": verticalement de haut en bas et horizontalement de droite a gauche.
Commercial interests though are conspiring to technologise it and undermine the immediacy of cycling.
Similar to walking but much easier to technologise. There is something special about riding off car ferries, over mountain ranges and through border posts between countries simply by ones own physical effort.
In a similar vein, some of Franca Rame's monologues satirically attack the misogynistic culture that shackles, technologises, cuts, lifts, colours, and imprisons women's bodies in order to render them sufficiently "feminine": see especially "Alice nel paese senza meraviglie" and "Ho fatto la plastica."
Rather, the 21st-century cyborgian hand rests on a mouse, in the grip of panoptic software that technologises classroom management, while silently divesting the teacher of the pedagogical relations that once defined her everyday teacherly practices.
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