tr.v. tech·nol·o·gized, tech·nol·o·giz·ing, tech·nol·o·giz·es
To modify or affect by technology; make technological.


(tɛkˈnɒləˌdʒaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make technological
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We must stop seeing destructive climate change as something accidental to the human condition, something to twist and contrive and technologize our way out of in the nick of time if we can.
Although phonographs and player pianos technologize music
We industrialize, we technologize. We have bombs to build, wars to wage, gadgets to invent to outwit our enemies.
It's an apt approach for the screenplay by Randy Brown (another first-timer), which unapologetically embraces the people, places and traditions that modern society has deemed obsolete, and decries the relentless drive to technologize and commodify everything in life, including but not limited to baseball.
There is no point in wasting time and money in any effort to reform or modernize or technologize our schools, so long as they are under the control of the new aristocracy of tax-consuming educationists.
"Technologize Desire: Selfhood and the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction" is a discussion of science fiction and its relation to the future of mankind and its relationship to technology.
In short, Arkansas needs to "technologize." That's the word the school has adopted to describe the education it imparts: an ability to understand, apply and modify today's most advanced technologies.
Its new "Intechxication" advertising campaign, which tells consumers to "technologize responsibly," reflects the company's new "tongue-in-cheek" technology-driven approach, Baumberger said.
McKibben doesn't want his readers to drive buggies, but he does want to slow the "all-out race to technologize" that has gripped the Western world.
A difficult question is, what is happening to balance and holistic planning in this rush to technologize the career-planning process and again fit people into jobs?
Without fail, those same corporations time and again heavily technologize and centralize their operations, further depressing the economy and devastating the natural environment.
The "children" of Lieb's title are those who seek to literalize, or technologize, the ineffable centered in this vision and to harness its power (ultimately God's power) to their own ends.
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