tr.v. tech·nol·o·gized, tech·nol·o·giz·ing, tech·nol·o·giz·es
To modify or affect by technology; make technological.


(tɛkˈnɒləˌdʒaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make technological
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And it is in Chapter 5 of Part 2 that Mailer presents through extensive quotation an ancillary tendency in liberationist writings to technologize sex, particularly the female orgasm by denying any experience of orgasm within the vagina through intercourse, a unitary theory of female orgasm that even Germaine Greer disputes and whom Mailer quotes at considerable length (Mailer 61-62).
It's an apt approach for the screenplay by Randy Brown (another first-timer), which unapologetically embraces the people, places and traditions that modern society has deemed obsolete, and decries the relentless drive to technologize and commodify everything in life, including but not limited to baseball.
There is no point in wasting time and money in any effort to reform or modernize or technologize our schools, so long as they are under the control of the new aristocracy of tax-consuming educationists.
A difficult question is, what is happening to balance and holistic planning in this rush to technologize the career-planning process and again fit people into jobs?
Without fail, those same corporations time and again heavily technologize and centralize their operations, further depressing the economy and devastating the natural environment.
The "children" of Lieb's title are those who seek to literalize, or technologize, the ineffable centered in this vision and to harness its power (ultimately God's power) to their own ends.
One of the most puzzling questions to grapple with while we electrify and technologize and work-ethic ourselves into the twenty-first century is why life is making such an alarming number of us seriously depressed.
The intent of this edited collection is to "bring into focus the new context within which the struggle to technologize education is being waged" (p.
Intechxication' is a fun, playful way to communicate what makes us unique, and, of course encourage everybody to technologize responsibly.
Most reforms are imposed from the top down; sometimes, as in curriculum reforms and in the various efforts to technologize instruction (my term, not theirs), there has been talk about "teacher-proof" programs, echoing the famous line of Lieutenant Keefer in The Caine Mutiny, who described the Navy as a system designed by geniuses to be operated by idiots.
Rose argues that in rap, "literate-based technology is made to articulate sounds and images and practices associated with orally based forms" in such a way that "simultaneously makes technology oral and technologizes orality" (p.