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tr.v. tech·nol·o·gized, tech·nol·o·giz·ing, tech·nol·o·giz·es
To modify or affect by technology; make technological.


(tɛkˈnɒləˌdʒaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make technological
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50 concs 5 Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist In the age of online dating and social media, 5 Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist explores relationships and our attempts to encounter each other in a technologized world.
For those interested in the expanded possibilities of language that our present globalized and technologized world provides in terms of exploration and experimentation, the poetry encompassed in this volume of translated work is an exciting introduction to the contemporary French scene.
Modernists, says Sherman, attempted to find an idiom in which to express this impoverishment without capitulating to it--to think mortal obligation in forms that neither relied on evacuated religious paradigms nor acceded to the instrumentalizing energies of the technologized and professionalized way of death.
Next is a chapter by Ehrensberger-Dow and Heeb dedicated to Investigating the ergonomics of a technologized translation workplace.
The world we are presented with in this film is highly technologized and alienated, mediated through devices rather than anything natural.
For instance, in the use of technologized public sound and other means through which publicity is sought we see striking similarities in the ways in which Christians and Muslims 'attune' to their shared social space.
Gesture and Spectacle" concludes with a constellation titled "Hacking the Code," which corrals Oehlen (now of the wholly technologized gesture), Majerus, Charline von Heyl, Kerry James Marshall, Monika Baer, Isa Genzken, Josh Smith, Laura Owens--plus Zobernig's T-shirted mannequin (I mean painting
The ecclesiastical and pastoral leadership need to be courageous enough to change from its obsession to the technologized and mediated communications to personalised communication.
If the oil industry has pushed its operations to dangerous limits, expanding its operations to unthinkable ocean depths and unimaginable far away frontiers, it is because it constantly seeks to respond to our postmodern civilization marked by militarized capitalism, consumption, consumerism, and a rapid technologized postmodern life lubricated by oil.
Among the topics are de-reifying categories, categorization work in the courtroom: the foundational character of membership categorization analysis, omni-relevance in technologized interaction: couples coping with video calling distortions, and membership categorization and methodological reasoning in research team interaction.
First, "a technologized mind" fosters an object orientation and with it a problem view of the world.
technologized, but not a cyberculture (Silver, Rheingold, Gauntlett, Jenkins)