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One who has a love of or enthusiasm for technology, especially computers and high technology: "Other technophiles see genetic engineering as a route to growth that is almost without end" (Charles C. Mann).

tech′no·phil′i·a (-fĭl′ē-ə) n.
tech′no·phil′i·ac′ (-ăk′) adj.


enthusiasm for technology and the latest technological devices
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Noun1.technophilia - enthusiasm for new technology
enthusiasm - a feeling of excitement
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Towards the centre lurks the Nature Conservancy, also celebrated by corporations for its enthusiastic technophilia, champion of the anthropocentric principle that Nature in its wild state no longer exists and that humans are not mere stewards of the natural world but its designer and manager, based of course on "green" principles (mainly cleaning up and restraining polluters).
What's more, in remaining loyal to old-fashioned accoutrements like pen, ink, and paper, Woolf and Joyce demonstrate an attachment to composition's pre-modern materiality--an attachment sharply at odds with modernism's well-documented technophilia.
I watched the original recently, and I reckon it struck a nerve in the 90s for two reasons: (a) its impressively expansive, Blade Runner -ish look, and (b) its excitable technophilia -- those were the brink-of-the-internet days when we all said things like 'information superhighway' -- typified in the melding of (wo)man and machine.
Previous studies of Pylon frequently view the figure of the aeroplane as representative of wider technology--an "icon of technology" as Zoltan Simon puts it (50)--hence shifting much of critical discussion towards technophobia and technophilia.
Ullman E (1997) Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents: A Memoir.
Many terms have been fashioned to refer to this group since Prensky (2001) mentioned digital natives, among which we find, as described by Fernandez & Fernandez (2016), the Z Generation, the V (Virtual) Generation, the C (Contents or Community) Generation, the Silent Generation, the Internet Generation or even the Google Generation, where the common link is technophilia and the incorporation of ICTs in their daily activities.
Cooke's task therefore becomes accounting for the return to forms of "tribalism" amidst modern, "occidental-style" commercialism and technophilia.
Created during a time of techno-phobia (post-A-bomb devastation) and technophilia (the national push to build nuclear power plants, automotive assembly lines, and an ultramodern freeway system), threats of censorship by autocratic one-party rule, far-left resistance, and an Argentine publishing marketplace trying to hold at bay the onslaught of US superhero comics, Oesterheld and Solano Lopez created an epic odyssey that follows the adventures of protagonist Juan Salvo (The Eternaut) and his cadre of fallible compadres as they use their wits and technical skills to defend earth against an intergalactic alien invasion out to obliterate human life--and to transform those left into robotic slaves.
In addition, they put the technophilia of today into historical context by raising the cases of eugenics, the L5 societies for advocating the colonization of space, and other ideas that embodied more hope than sense.
This is not, however, to unconditionally posit a drab decelerationist program against the excitement of a futural technophilia, but to reconfigure the terms on which the debate takes place and to serve as a reminder that there are counter-histories to a narrative of relentlessness that at times sees technology as detached from energy and the consumption of energy (usually of finite resources), as if technology is somehow autonomous and self-moving.
A commentary on the displacements and disembodiments of contemporary experience, Kilcollin's work resists the seductions of technophilia for its own sake, insisting on the subjectivities her art occasions.
Critics such as Benjamin Buchloh have considered their works and ideas problematic, equally for their technophilia and apparent disconnection from history.