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Adj.1.technophilic - of or relating to or showing technophilia
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Appropriately, the issue ends with Claire Colebrook's consideration of posthuman futures beyond a prevalent either/or-ism: either the utopian and technophilic dream of technological perfection through geo-engineering or the dystopian nightmare and very real possibility of the near-extinction of humanity and the world as 'we' have known it.
Computers in education: critically reconstructing the technophilic and technophobic ideological divide.
Brown's chapter "'All Hell Broke Loose': The Horror Film," the resounding penultimate chapter of this book, demonstrates that the horror film reterritorializes ambivalent appropriations of Milton, features a kind of "technophilic" Satan of Paradise Lost, and appropriates "Milton's greatest spectacularization of horror--his "figure of demonic space" (285).
(24) Kent perhaps exaggerates the case here, since technophilic, 'alien' and 'Promethean' themes are also common features of smoked or vaporised DMT journeys.
On the other hand, his attitude toward the coeval Women's Liberation movement is far less agreeable; he finds this post-war wave of feminists too often misandrous and technophilic, tending toward a "unitary" or "totalitarian" vision of men and women.
Rubin's real "yuck" is technophilic libertarianism.
To comprehend the complexity of the Bechers' photographic project would first of all require us to situate their work in a slightly simplified map of historical contradictions: the opposition between East and West German upbringings; the dialectics of the Weimar era's technophilic euphoria of New Vision photography, on the one hand, and the halting melancholia of that period's Neue Sachlichkeit, on the other.
These paradigmatically Futurist concerns with war, technology, and art, obscured by their often-aggressive, violently bombastic rhetoric, found concrete, bodied expression in their attitudes to performance, an area of their artistic output that tends to be neglected in favor of their painterly or literary productions but which best exemplifies their understanding of technology and agonism as a means to a multiplied sensibility and enhanced humanity that could better withstand the vertigo of a technophilic, depersonalized modernity.
And, fourth, it legitimises certain non-democratic and technophilic approaches, including planetary management and large-scale geoengineering, as necessary responses to the ecological 'state of emergency'.
The drama unfolded between the two forces of rationalism and nomadism, between technophilic tragedy and boundary-crossing romance.