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Fear of or aversion to technology, especially computers and high technology.

tech′no·phobe′ n.
tech′no·pho′bic (-fō′bĭk) adj.
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1. fear of the effects of technological developments on society or the environment
2. (Pathology) fear of using technological devices, such as computers
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(ˌtɛk nəˈfoʊ bi ə)

abnormal fear of or anxiety about technology and its effects.
tech′no•phobe`, n.
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Noun1.technophobia - dislike for new technologytechnophobia - dislike for new technology    
dislike - a feeling of aversion or antipathy; "my dislike of him was instinctive"
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nTechnikfeindlichkeit f, → Technophobie f
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The new "Child's Play" updates the series to peel off fans of Annabelle, the latest in killer-doll sensations, and modernize it with the technophobia of the popular Netflix anthology "Black Mirror." Chucky is no longer a serial killer confined to an animatronic plastic shell, but a self-learning "smart toy" that links to the cloud and marshals the demonic force of interconnected devices.
My collaborator, Louis Anslow, and I have spent years studying bygone moments of technophobia, reading through reams of vintage doomsaying about dozens of innovations now taken for granted.
As new technologies have emerged over the years, 'technophobia' has remained a well-trodden path of public debate throughout modern history.
class="MsoNormalRegarding the challenges, Ms Mohamed said they include inadequate funds, lack of practice and technophobia. She also cited increased cases of theft of the devices, mishandling and low usage due to poor teacher-ICT integration.
He called this a "moral economy", warning: "Without a plan to recreate a semblance of the moral economy, I can tell you technophobia is going to become a national religion."
Through this program, we are able to help them overcome their technophobia and make technology truly for all,' said Father Atilano Fajardo, CM, director of Adamson's Integrated Community Extension Services.
They also argue about issues like technophobia and antitechnology, with readings by such mainstream authors as Neil Postman and fringe writers like the Unabomber (a full curriculum appears at the end of the article).
In-house IT should learn enough about the running of a library to be able to offer ideas for new services, to pull more meaningful statistics about patrons and circulation, and if nothing else, dissipate technophobia among staffers and patrons alike.
The two concepts, adoption time and technophobia, have a clear linkage in the field of NPD research, particularly in a case of technology push products.
DeLoughry (1993) also provided the statistics that 33% US students suffer from technophobia. However, researcher recommended the factors that may help in using the modern technology in higher education.
The dark electronic duo Technophobia - Katie Petix and Stephen Petix - will be bringing its U.S.
After his retirement from active politics he had pursued other interests he hadn't previously had time for, like learning the piano and overcoming his technophobia about using email.