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1. A large-scale corporate system.
2. A network of skilled professionals who control such a corporate system.

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(Sociology) the people who control the technology of a society, such as professional administrators, experts in business management, etc
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(ˈtɛk noʊˌstrʌk tʃər)

the group of technically skilled administrators, engineers, and scientists who manage or control business, the economy, or government affairs.
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Si ces elites ne s'interessent plus qu'a la conjoncture, a la bourse et a la gestion des entreprises, c'est parce qu'elles sont aussi beneficiaires de la globalisation neoliberale, de la liberalisation des marches et beaucoup ont deserte les espaces de production du savoir comme l'universite au profit de la technostructure du secteur public ou prive.
And, third, capitalism has a natural tendency to usurp markets via the strengthening of what John Kenneth Galbraith called the cartellike managerial "technostructure."
And, third, capitalism has a natural tendency to usurp markets via the strengthening of what John Kenneth Galbraith called the cartel-like managerial "technostructure." Europe's current situation demonstrates amply the non-existence of the magical real interest rate.
Outre par les mesusages qui ont transforme Internet d'une technostructure decentralisee, ouverte a tous, a une [beaucoup moins que]citadelle[beaucoup plus grand que] dont les acces sont entre les mains d'une poignee de multinationales de la Silicon Valley, et ou regnent manipulation et surveillance, Tim Berners-Lee, le pere fondateur du Web, en appelle a un [beaucoup moins que]contrat pour Internet[beaucoup plus grand que], pour bannir ces mauvaises pratiques et rendre le reseau disponible pour toute l'humanite.
There can be no "technostructure," for example, without activities by the mass media and by persuasion.
One may also argue that the crucial position of management (or Galbraith's 'technostructure') in private firms replaces the ownership as the determining factor.
The techno-comprador has the know-how but lacks the know-why and information needed for modular/process technology possessed by the technostructure described by J.K.
Si on peut dire de l'universalisme capitaliste qu 'il exprime la mondialite de la technostructure, l'universalisme ecologiste, reactif anti-vectoriel, exprime la mondialite de la biosphere.
National leaders have been incapable of laying the foundations for cooperation based on decisions taken not in Brussels by a technostructure, but as a community with all the people of the Mediterranean.
But they were awful because of failures of policy, not failures of the "non-system." The ossification of many developed economies via government regulation, control, and intervention, substantial union power, high taxes, capital controls, and a rigid financial and industrial technostructure produced a decline in trend productivity.
He further divided each type into five basic organizational functions: operating core, strategic apex, middle line, technostructure, and support staff because, as he stated, "Although we can (and will) characterize certain organizations as bureaucratic or organic overall, none is uniformly so across its entire range of activities" (Mintzberg, p.
For instance, he wrote: "There is no name for all who participate in group decision-making or the organization which they form, I propose to call this organization the Technostructure" (Galbraith, 1967, 71).