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Variant of tetchy.


n, adjpl techies
informal a variant spelling of techie


adj, techier or techiest
a variant spelling of tetchy
ˈtechily adv
ˈtechiness n
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Adj.1.techy - easily irritated or annoyed; "an incorrigibly fractious young man"; "not the least nettlesome of his countrymen"
ill-natured - having an irritable and unpleasant disposition


also techy
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If you consider yourself code-lingual (hello, you're fluent in JavaScript), techy tools are a must-have for any coding queen working on her app.
Audi has a new version of its high-performance SQ5 SUV on the way and it sounds rather interesting from a techy point of view.
Drones are nothing new and not just for Share your views: Your mega-rich techy types.
In a test that frankly could have been sponsored by Apple, we saw techy toddlers who used smart touchscreens do better at tasks like building tower blocks and drawing a straight line.
These included more techy words such as 'haptic', 'TL;DR', biohacking', and so on.
The store phone number is posted at each pump if you feel more techy.
Techy types in Silicon Valley appear to be coming around to the idea that there can be too much of a good thing.
He will be joined by Parisian DJ Jeremy Underground and Derrick Carter, who will be leaving his techy groove and treating us to one of his amazing disco sets, as well as John Morales, Sandy Rivera, Rahaan, The Reflex, Jamie 3:26, Al Kent, Red Greg and Fish Go Deep, to name but a few.
If you're a techy Star Wars fanatic, this would serve as an amazing collectable, since the lightsaber is pretty cool.
Thanks to some techy additions that have sped up pedestrian border crossings, Tijuana is also more accessible than ever.
The Techy Girl Library offers its members monthly support group calls, individual sessions, videos, guides, worksheets, and a private Facebook Group to help bloggers and website owners increase their traffic.