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Plural of tectum.
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Investment firm Altas Partners reported on Monday the launch of a definitive agreement to acquire Tecta America Corporation (Tecta America) from ONCAP, the mid-market private equity platform of Onex (TSX:ONEX).
Based on our study, in the year 2015, population of Lissemys punctata was recorded as abundant (16.93%), while Pangshura tecta was recorded in second level of abundance (13.50%).The population of Geoclemys hamiltonii was (13.49%), Pangshura smithi (11.98%), Nilssonia gangeticus (11.89), Nilssonia hurum (11.56%), Hardella thurji (11.35%) and Chitra indica (9.23%) (Table 2).
The business will operate as Fort Wayne Roofing, a Tecta America company.
and (3) Do providers who have completed coordinated training programs (e.g., CDA, TECTA) score higher than other family child care providers on an observed measure of global quality?
It developed the Tecta automated testing system for E.coli bacteria.
It is quite notable here that the National Science Technology and Innovation (ST and I) Policy 2012 had earlier mentioned that despite the establishment of Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TECTA) in Punjab and National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTEC) at the Centre, the national requirement of technically trained personnel could not be adequately met.
Zebrowski [5] paid special attention on this aspect in Triticale as well as Niklas [3, 4] for Arundinaria tecta and Avena sativa.
The five fastest-growing brands by incremental total prescriptions, in declining order in terms of prescription growth, were: Synthroid, Tecta, Cipralex, Pradax, Coversyl.
Endetec's Tecta automated microbiological testing system for E.
Additionally, by collaborating with Tecta Solar, Massport will install a photovoltaic system in both the north and south parking lots that will produce 1 megawatt of power and generate savings through energy efficiency.
** The Tecta Tracker is a Web-based roof asset management tool that tracks client roof system data and activity.