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Plural of tectum.
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Ultimately, Endetec's Tecta automated microbiological testing system for E.
5, 113-124: illic purpureis tecta rosariis / omnis flagrat humus caltaque pinguia / et molles uiolas et tenues crocos / fundit fonticulis uda fgacibus.
2 [micro]m thick and comprises two distinct columellae layers separated by multiple, compact, internal tecta.
tecta, Traditionally Known as Swamp Cane," seems somewhat misplaced as the fourteenth and final substantive chapter of the collection.
Applicants must have completed TECTA Orientation and be enrolled in TECTA coursework or be enrolled in either a graduate or an undergraduate program of study in early childhood education.
Because the retinotectal projection in the bullfrog is entirely contralateral, comparison of the extent of the 1H12 histochemical reaction could be made in each animal by comparing the normal and enucleated tecta.
protinus Invidiae nigro squalentia tabo tecta petit: domus est imis in vallibus huius abdita, sole carens, non ulli pervia vento, tristis et ignavi plenissima frigoris et quae igne vacet semper, caligine semper abundet.
TeCTa [Fladenbrot aus Sauerteig]' aus dem Permischen entlehnt ist (so TerIJISILUHHa 1969 : 159).
3 WFS1 Postlingual/2nd Progressive DFNA7/1q21-23 -- Postlingual/2nd Progressive DFNA8/11q22-24 TECTA Prelingual Stable DFNA9/14q12-13 COCH Postlingual/2nd-3rd Progressive DFNA10/6q22-23 EYA4 Postlingual/2nd-5th Progressive DFNA11/11q12.
Over 1,272 people received training through this project and over 100 TECTA trainers received advanced training.
Two prominent names in furniture design, Philippe Starck and the late Mies van de Rohe, headlined pieces by Kartell and Tecta, respectively.