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n. pl. tec·ta (-tə)
A rooflike structure of the body, especially the dorsal part of the midbrain.

[Latin tēctum, roof, from neuter past participle of tegere, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]

tec′tal (-təl) adj.
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(Anatomy) anatomy of or relating to the tectum
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Symmetric alterations in the medial thalami, mammillary bodies, periaqueductal region and tectal plate are the common typical lesions.
These grains are monosulcate and have reticulate-columellar exine structure; Couper and other early authors (e.g., Brenner, 1963; Doyle, 1969) described the columellae as varying from free to fused at their heads to form a tectal reticulum, but SEM studies showed that they are typically reticulate (Doyle et al., 1975; Hughes et al., 1979).
For example, intense somatic staining was evident in cells directly adjacent to the telencephalic ventricles (TelV; Figure 1B), the rhombocephalic ventricles (RV; Figures 1A, 1C), the tectal ventricle (TeV; Figure 1D), and the hypothalamic diencephalic ventricle (DiV; Figure 1E).
Typically, MRI scan results are symmetrical lesions in the mammillary bodies, thalami, tectal plate, and periaqueductal area which showed increased T2 signal in these sites.[5] In our case, brain computed tomography scan result was unremarkable.
(1997) Tectal codification of eye movements in goldfish studied by electrical microstimulation.
Calculation of the ETVSS * Score Age Etiology 0 <1 mo Postinfectious 10 1 mo to <6 mos 20 Myelomeningocele, IVH, nontectal brain tumor 30 6 mos to <1 yr Aqueductal stenosis, tectal tumor, other 40 1 yr to < 10 yrs 50 [greater than or equal to]10 yrs Calculation of the ETVSS * Score Previous Shunt 0 Previous shunt 10 No previous shunt 20 30 40 50 * The ETVSS is calculated as age score + etiology score + previous shunt score.
Gaze, "Selection of appropriate tectal connections by regenerating optic nerve fibers in adult goldfish," Experimental Neurology, vol.
Tectal glioma is a relatively benign tumour and presents with symptoms of obstructive hydrocephalus with good prognosis.
Marked flattening of the tectal plate was noted due to cerebral aqueductal dilatation and dilated perimesencephalic cisterns.