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n. pl. ted·dies
1. A woman's undergarment combining a camisole top and panties.
2. A teddy bear.


n, pl -dies
(Clothing & Fashion) a woman's one-piece undergarment, incorporating a chemise top and panties


(ˈtɛd i)

n., pl. -dies.
1. Often, teddies.a woman's one-piece undergarment combining a chemise and underpants.
[(definition 1) 1920–25, Amer.; of uncertain orig.]
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Noun1.teddy - plaything consisting of a child's toy bear (usually plush and stuffed with soft materials)teddy - plaything consisting of a child's toy bear (usually plush and stuffed with soft materials)
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
2.teddy - a woman's sleeveless undergarmentteddy - a woman's sleeveless undergarment  
shoulder strap, strap - a band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag
undergarment, unmentionable - a garment worn under other garments
دُمْيَة الدُّب المَحْشو
rotaļu lācītis


A. N (also teddy bear) → osito m (de peluche)
B. CPD teddy boy N (Brit) hombre vestido a la moda de los rockeros de los años 50 y considerado a menudo una persona violenta


[ˈtɛdi] nnounours mteddy bear teddy-bear nours m en peluche, nounours m

teddy (bear)

nTeddy(bär) m


(ˈtedi) plural ˈteddies noun
(also teddy bear) a child's stuffed toy bear.
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Families who brought along their teddies were encouraged to share stories about their special bear, including where they were from and the experiences they have shared together.
The bears were taken up in a fire truck and all teddies completing the jump received a bravery certificate.
Launched by Lord Mayor of Newcastle, and 'celebrity teddy' Jez, 20 teddies will be hidden on a route from Jesmond Library to Newcastle Cricket Club.
And you're liable to end up in attics or the back of wardrobes when Santa Claus delivers lots of new teddies at Christmas.
Too Many Teddies is a children's picturebook about the value and virtue of generosity.
com)-- Touring Teddies delights today's kids with a gift experience that is both new… and foreign.
An annual event at Jospice, the picnic is always an enjoyable, happy afternoon for children, who are invited to bring along their best teddies to take part in a 'parade of the bears'.
The first Teddies were made in 1999, but it was only in 2001 that they started to be produced on a regular basis and sent to suffering children around the world.
Two teddies were placed on a grave at the Bron Y Nant Cemetery in Mochdre on Bank Holiday Monday, May 2, and the following day the teddies had been taken.
Travelodge said that in the past year staff has reunited more than 75,000 teddies and their owners.
The teddies then go home with the patients, who are encouraged to bring them with them to any subsequent outpatient visits.
MEDICAL students from Warwick University will be taking the fear out of hospital and doctor visits for small children by treating their sick teddies.